Candle Birthday Cake


Handmade soy wax candle
You can Choose 3 choices of Design & Scent ^^
— Shipped in 7-10 days depending on the design
— Wrap up in a box, perfect for gift giving!

Order format (please write in note / chat):
Cake color:
Cream color:
Letter / Number (max 6):

Cake and cream color choices:
-Blue, Pink, Yellow, Mint Green, Turquoise, Lilac, Orange, Brown, White
Scent options: Baccarat, Fruity Blast, Fresh Blossom


— Cake candles are always ready to be made to order
— Please write down the words / names or number that you want to write on the cake with a maximum of 6 letters
— The process of making 3-7 days depending on the overload will be attempted as soon as possible
— Please pay attention before placing an order: air bubbles (such as air inside the candle) frosting (a condition where sometimes a white mark will appear on the candle part), oil sweats (the candle emits oil on its surface). all possible happens because the candle is made of natural materials not because the candle is broken or problematic. then we cannot fulfill the return due to the conditions above.
— All forms of damage due to shipping are beyond our responsibility✨
For more information, please contact us. Happy shopping! ^^


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