Bichon Candle


#Bichon Candle
Hand poured with natural soy, our Bicho soy candle is here to lighten up your space ✨

[ S i z e ]
· 3.5 x 2.0 inch

[ C o l o r ]
· White Bichon
· Goldendoodle
· Chocolate Poodle


[ S c e n t ]
· Floral — Lavender
· Oriental — Coffee Beans
· Fresh — Ocean Wave
· Citrus — Blood Orange / Lemon Verbena
· Fruity — Tropical Paradise
· Green — Spring Cactus
· Gourmand — Chocolate Fudge
· Woody — Oakmoss Amber

[ N o t e ]
· We use natural ingredients and phthalate-free fragrance oils.
· As each item is handmade to order, returns or refunds will not be allowed.
· Please understand that all items are handmade and will have minor imperfections by nature.
· Color may slightly vary depending on your choice of fragrance oil.

✔️ Burning Instruction
Remove packaging and label before lighting and place your candle on a heat resistant surface.


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